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We can help with any issue related to Microsoft Office Or Microsoft Windows.

Our IT Experts make sure that your Microsoft software and drivers are updated. We diagnose the problems with all your Microsoft software and fix those issues. We fix compatibility issues, conflicts and your web browsing problems. We also helps in performance optimization which enhances your operating system’s speed significantly.

Our IT Experts provide a comprehensive support for all applications of Microsoft Office. We diagnose and troubleshoot all issues that may be affecting your Microsoft Office Performance. We keep your updated with the latest version of MS Office applications to maximize your computer’s productivity

Our support team is quite competent in providing support for all versions of Microsoft Office and all editions of Microsoft Windows which includes Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

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Did you know?

Windows 10 will allow you to defer updates

The latest Insider Build of Windows 10, the option that allows Windows 10 licence holders to sign up for early builds, is addressing a long-standing problem with the operating system. Namely, it will allow you to put off software updates, effectively putting an end to the controversial decision to force automatic updates on Windows 10 users. Under the new build, users will be able to pause all updates for up to 35 days, effectively allowing you to schedule when you want your software to update. Users will also now be able to choose whether or not to include driver updates in these Windows 10 updates. Both of these new features will be included in the Education, Enterprise and Professional editions of Windows 10. The OS will also be able to tell if the system's display is currently in active use, preventing restarts from occurring mid-task.

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