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Our IT Experts help you to install, update, diagnose and repair your printer problems. We install and setup the latest software and help you to personalize the printer settings. We help you to connect your printer to your network which enables you to share access from places miles apart. We also facilitate installations of latest drivers which helps you to sort out your printer problems.

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Did you know?

You Can Track Printing.

" Print tracking tools help you understand where you’re incurring costs, so you can get them under control. "
Some tools, such as PaperCut, will provide an executive dashboard view and report for a quick snapshot of your print environment: the printing summary of the entire organization; top 10 users, printers, and printer groups; the environmental impact for the entire company; and filter by group, department, or office.
It’s a question we are asked often: “Can I track how much my office prints?” Office print tracking captures and records information about your office’s printing behaviors. You can’t plan for what you can’t measure. And not knowing the total number, length, etc. of what documents are being printed and by which department and individual makes it difficult to ensure that printing costs are under control.

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